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Union Reps

Union Representatives are your first point of contact for questions about the union. Do you want to know how or why to join? Do you think you are being treated inappropriately and you want to know what to do? These reps are trainied to stand with you, answer your questions and support you with your concerns in the work place.

Our current contract allows representatives to move within the Department, so the Union can utilize them to participate in investigation hearings, etc. with prior approval. Get to know your Department rep! They will communicate current and accurate information with you for all Local issues.

If you are in a Department that doesn't have a current Representative, and you would like to apply for the position (or know of a good candidate) - Please contact the Union office at 485-1265.  This is an easy way to help your fellow members and is done exclusively during working hours.


Name E-mail Phone

Finance & Management
Amber Beckman (614) 645-6203 

Building and Zoning

Cindy Krebs - Primary

(614) 645-2227

Building and Zoning

Vacant - Alternate

Volunteer Needeed 



Diann Johnson - Primary

(614) 645-8650



Volunteer Needeed  (614) 485-1265
Public Safety: Fire

Wynne Spann - Primary (614) 645-7384
Public Safety: Police

Marco Barraco -Alternate (614) 724-7061

Public Service: Design & Con

David Krier - Primary (614) 645-8238
Public Service: Design and Const Hugh Williams - Alternate

(614) 645-8079

Public Utilities: Power/Water Shaun Frame - Primary

(614) 464-7716

Public Utilites: Power/Water Jim Weber -Alternate

(614) 645-7654

Recreation and Parks  Ann Zeller- Primary

(614) 645-2201

Recreation and Parks Karen Ostrowski -Alternate

(614) 517-7237


Margaret McDougald

Primary (614) 645-4895


Marcellus Stewart

Alternnate (614) 645-4000
Income Tax

Rob Schneider

Primary (614) 645-3038






















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